Can I use my holiday property when I feel like it?

Weekenda understands the dilemma of having a property that you want to use when you feel like but still be able to derive an income. We have an online real time booking system that allows owners to login anytime and book for whatever future dates they need.

Does Weekenda just do holiday property bookings?

We also provide a full service for your home, from marketing your property, to making bookings for you, dealing with all guest issues, check ins and making payments to you, the owner.

So who cleans and maintains my Property?

We have a team of people in every region to handle any issue. Cleaning is done quickly and professionally, to ensure each guest arrives to a property that is presented the best it can be.

What do you charge?

Our standard 16.5% fee for service covers all of the following:


  • Actively respond to enquiry via phone, text and email over a 3 days period or longer as required.
  • Conversion to booking.
  • Arranging/advising cleaning.
  • Payments to owner, trades, cleaners etc.
  • Reconciliation of bookings at end of month.
  • End of month statements and online P&L.
  • Bond management and recovery as required.
  • Online exit surveys for each guest, guest book and feedback.
  • Promotion to former clients (now over 10,000 guests)
  • Promotion to former enquirers (now over 100,000 guests)
  • Management of all admin/website related.
  • Pricing management with constant review to respond to demand, public holidays, events etc.
  • Key issue/access/management as required.
  • Online credit card payment service.
  • Liaise with maintenance re: access, bookings.
  • Co-ordinate social media presence as required.
  • Manage 3rd party websites.
  • Include in outbound marketing campaigns.
  • 24X7x365 guest issue management & resolution.
  • Cross referral from some of the other 75 local properties that we manage.
  • Quality control service in some locations.
  • Preventative maintenance program as/if required including air conditioning service etc.

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